This is a birdhouse that will be going to the Young Women In Harmony auction in New Orleans. This particular gourd is about 17 inches's one of the larger ones. gnomette!!! I decided that this just wasn't a gnome.... She looks good sitting under the rhododendron.

A larger area to show you how she sits ... the new landscape pond in just in front of her

We put up a hummingbird feeder and raised the flower baskets for the fuschias... They were dragging the ground.

These are holding some of the stuff I use in working with the gourds...

The two miniature birdhouses on the left are gifts ... the two decorations on the right are at the moment sitting in the living room..

And the Turtle...he's covering the electrical connections to the landscape ponds..

To the left of the turtle is an avocado tree that we grew from seed.... It's going to be huge..

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